The Tobacco Control Scale 2016 in Europe

Table 4 shows the 2016 TCS scores of each country, in rank order, with their 2013 ranking shown for comparison.

The headline results are:
  • Six leading countries have 60 points or more, top score 81 out of 100 (UK).
  • Nine countries are doing reasonably well with 50 to 56 points.
  • The remaining 20 countries don’t even manage 50 points and need to do much more.
  • Three countries had very low scores, with fewer than 40 points.

A major concern is the lack of funding for tobacco control. No country spends 2 euro per capita on tobacco control, with only Iceland coming close. The TCS scores for spending are extremely low and we are seeing reduced funding in several countries. The second major issue of concern is tobacco industry influence, which remains the largest obstacle to the introduction of effective tobacco control policies.

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