The Tobacco Control Scale 2010 in Europe

The data used for the 2011 survey refer to legislation in force on the 1 January 2011, price data on 1 July 2010, and the tobacco control budget in 2009. Any legislation, price increases or funding introduced or enforced after those dates are not included.

A questionnaire was used to collect information about countries’ tobacco control budgets and tobacco dependence treatment provision. The following other data sources were used:


  • The price of a pack of 20 cigarettes in the most popular price category on 1 July 2010 was based on the July 2010 European Commission report “Excise duty tables” (5)
  • The price of a pack of 20 Marlboro cigarettes on 1 July 2010 was collected in July and August 2010 from correspondents in each country
  • GDP expressed in Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) per capita and GDP in 2009, and country 2009 population data were collected from the statistical office of the European Union (6).


  • Commission of the European Communities. Report on the implementation of the Tobacco Advertising Directive, Brussels, 25 May 2008. (TV, Radio, print media, international sponsorship and cross border internet are banned as result of the Directive in all EU countries) (7)
  • The WHO report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, Geneva, 2009 (8)
  • The ENSP report on tobacco advertising legislation in Europe, Brussels, 2009 (9).
  • An update of the legislation on advertising through ENSP correspondents or health officials (see Table 2)

Smoke-free legislation

  • ENSP, European trends towards smoke-free provisions, Brussels, January 2011 (10)
  • European Commission, Implementation of smoke-free laws in the EU, Brussels, May 2010 (11)
  • European Commission, Eurobarometer 332, Special Tobacco, Brussels, 2010 (12)
  • Copies of the national legislation made available by the European Commission, January 2011.


  • Canadian Cancer Society, Cigarette package health warnings, International status report, Ottawa, November 2010. (Labelling of tobacco products in the EU countries is regulated by the 2001 Tobacco Products Directive, which simplifies the monitoring of this policy) (13)

Cessation and tobacco control budget

  • Information was collected in November and December 2010 through ENSP correspondents or health officials (see Table 3)
  • Bridgehead International, EQUIPP: Europe Quitting - Progress and Pathways, London, 2011 (14)
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