Progress in Tobacco Control in 30 European Countries 2005 to 2007

On the basis of our results and the discussion above we have five recommendations for implementation by 2010.

  1. Tobacco control programmes should be comprehensive and should include at least the six measures described in the introduction.
  2. Countries should spend a minimum of € 3 per capita per year on tobacco control.
  3. Countries should introduce comprehensive smoke-free legislation in line with the guidelines of Article 8 of the WHO FCTC, adopted at the second Conference of the Parties in Bangkok, July 2007. It should include a total ban on smoking in work and public places, including bars, restaurants, health and educational facilities, and public transport.
  4. Regular increases in tobacco taxes should be policy at EU and Member State levels, and the number of cigarettes that can be imported for personal consumption between EU countries should be reduced to 200 per person.
  5. Pictorial health warnings on the two main sides of tobacco product packages should be mandatory for all EU countries. The pictures should be renewed on a regular basis, with the aim that the whole pack would become a platform for mandatory health promotion messages.

Acknowledge This project received financial support from the Swiss Cancer League, to whom we are extremely grateful. We warmly thank the panel of experts and ENSP correspondents for their crucial contribution to the project and the ENSP for the printing of the report, presented at the 4th European Conference Tobacco or Health in Basel, October 2007.


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